At Merimbula Body and Skin we use loving tan solution, loving tan is a rapid tanning solution, with a quick performing developer that you can rinse of in 2hrs for a natural looking glow & will continue to develop over the next few hours to achieve your desired look.

full body $40

half body $30

legs only $20


Peels Allow 30mins  $70

Aspect lactobotanical peels are suitable for all skin types no matter what your skin
concerns may be, these lactic acid derived peels guarantee exceptional results every time. These unique peels are powerful yet gentle.

Cosmedix blueberry smoothie peel is a combination of science and botanical ingredients to help firm skin and smooth lines and wrinkles.

Microdermabrasion Allow 45mins  $90

Our clinic provides you with the highest quality crystals with the choice of three types of organic flower grains - rejuvenating rose, soothing lavender and problem skin tea tree, all which include a second peel with serum infusions.

Primary benefits - resurface, remove dead skin cells, removes congestion, increases collagen and elastin production.


Omnilux Allow 30mins  $70

Red light Revive- delivers a totally natural method of light only skin rejuvenation, which uses the body's own natural processes to help repair damage skin and scar tissue, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

White light Plus - skin rejuvenation and wound healing.


Omnilux - add on to any treatment $40

Omnilux + Peel $110

Omnilux + Mirodermabrasion $130


Photo rejuvenation - science at it's best, medical grade Genlux ipl, we can treat cosmetic concerns. Built in water cooling hand piece, no pain, no down time.

Primary benefits:
collage stimulation, cell renewal, regeneration, skin texture, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, small capillaries, redness, enlarged pores, acne scaring


Full face $90

Face + neck $100

Spot treatments start from $30

Please review our booking terms and conditions before making a booking